What’s new in candle making

I’ve been teaching for quite a few years now and I’m often asked why I teach. The answer is simple, I get great satisfaction in knowing that I have taught someone a new skill. Now candle making may not seem like a great talent to have but students get so much enjoyment  out of creating such a simple item that you just can’t help but be pleased.

We teach our classes in a way that makes it all seems so simple. We don’t fuss with thermometers, although you can use them.

We use our senses. The feel of the wax for temperature, our sense of smell for the fragrance load and our sight for when it is time to pour.

A couple of weeks ago I taught a class of 16 students from Able Australia http://www.ableaustralia.org.au   For those who don’t know what Able Australia is they create a community where people with multiple disabilities including deafblindness are seen heard, respected, valued and connected.

The person who made the best candle in this class was a deaf-blind student who made her candles by following my instructions which were then passed on to her by her excellent Auslan Interpreter. I have to say for a first timer, her candles were amazing.

The reason I am telling you about this is that we sometimes we forget to use our senses. we complicate things.

If you’s like to join one of our classes, check out our website http://www.soy-candles.com.au or book via weteachme.com


Now for some new product info.

Copper, marble and concrete are the newest containers for 2016

MARBLE ITALIAN-500x500.jpgcopper-750x750.jpg

Copper container or for high end Italian Marble contact  http://candlemaking.com.au

For concrete containers try  https://www.facebook.com/turquoisehousecandlestudio/

If you have any questions or  topics you’d like discussed, then just email me at frosa.katsis@gmail.com







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