Selling Your Soy Candles Through Fundraising

Many organizations depend on fundraising to provide much needed funds to continue their charity work, equipment, camps, computers etc  and candles can provide a new, innovative, healthy and safe income for them.

Many groups that have traditionally sold pies, chocolates and other items are happy to hear that we can provide them with a new way to raise funds and get away from unhealthy products and a saturated marketplace!

Think about some of the clubs and organization you could fundraise for:

  • School Groups – Parents & Teachers, Activity groups, clubs, etc
  • Sports Organizations – Little Athletics, Netball, Football Clubs, etc.
  • Sports Clubs – Swim Clubs & Teams, Community Tennis Clubs Lions, Rotary, Garden Clubs, Women’s Clubs, Scouts & Guides etc
  • Business Organisations – Rural Fire Services, SES, and other Community Associations etc.
  • Charities- Such as Cancer Research, Women’s Issues etc
  • Church Groups

There are a number of things you can do to make it easy on yourself and the organization.
Here are a few suggestions:

1/ Have a standard order form that you can easily customize for the group. Also, have your brochures ready along with some candle samples that you can “sell” to the group.

2/ Don’t make the selection too large. Stick to a maximum of 4 jars; 2 large and 2 small and keep your fragrance selection to a maximum of 5. When selecting the jars, make sure they are jars that you have in stock or can get easily (from a number of suppliers) The last thing you want is to get more orders than you can supply.

3/ The group should designate members who will distribute the paperwork and collect the orders with the payment.

4/ Leave yourself plenty of lead time. Make sure their deadline for orders and your delivery date give you ample time to produce the number of candles ordered.

5/ Make sure it’s a win/win situation. You want repeat business from the organisations, so give them a fair price that allows them to make at least 25%-40% profit. Your profit may not be as much on a single candle sale, but you make that up in volume and repeat business.

6/ Decide how the orders will be delivered. It is much easier to deliver to a central area where the groups will distribute their orders.

Promote the fact that there are:

  • No start up costs
  • They can keep the profit up-front
  • Can be used by any size group
  • No minimum orders
  • Samples available
  • High profits available with minimal work and no outlay.

Include a form to fill out and make it as easy as possible for them to contact you. Email, website, brochures, Fax, whatever you have at your disposal.

We have a standard information pack (which is free) as well as a premium info pack that includes a full size candle for $15 and scent samples in the form of melts. The cost of this premium kit is refunded at the end of the fundraiser.

Ensure that you have made it quite clear how the scheme works. Make clear statements about shipping, returns and refunds and payment terms.

Be sure to also use the fundraiser as a recruiting tool and attach a card or label to each candle that has your website and phone number. You can pick up new and repeat customers and potential new CandleMakers. Include the same information on any flyers or order forms.

As an alternative you may also want to offer a small candle making kit as an option for people who would like to make their own. Again, it is a great way to get new candle makers interested.

If you would like a copy of our standard fundraising form, then please email me

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