Soy, The Eco-friendly wax

The boom in the soy candle industry started well over 10 years ago, but it seems like there is no slowing down. Years ago, people screwed up their noses when given a candle as a gift but it seems times have changed.

Not only are candles accepted but companies such as  Jo Malone – Orange Blossom $65, Diptyque – Fig Tree $60 votive, Cire Trudon – Lily of the Valley $95, are producing their own brands and we are paying top dollar for them.

The interest in hand made has clearly boomed with a huge interest in having a go, which is why our candle making classes have proved to be so popular.

You can see this by going to sites like Red Balloon, or We Teach Me, as well as all the companies that promote vouchers such as Aussie Commerce , Groupon etc

In Melbourne for introductory classes we have Laneway Learning which is a great initiative run by a small committee which has made learning fun.

The basis of their classes is to introduce people to short – 1.5 hours classes in a diverse range of activities such as dance, science, art, cooking, candle and soap making ( my classes), genetics, yoga and music. The list seems endless.

For our soap classes this week we have 2 groups of 24 people coming in for an introductory soap class. Lots of fun and run in  Melbourne at Captain Melville’s.

Check out their website

Now, back to soy. Soy is from the group of natural waxes which includes, beeswax, palm      (from sustainable sources) and coconut oil. As soy is my specialty I’ll concentrate on this.

I’m sure everyone has read all the info about soy – clean burning, cool  burn temperature     long burn time, is environmentally friendly,  biodegradable and the wax  is a reasonable price. All good reasons to use it and make your own so you are not paying the $60 – $95 that high end retailers are charging.

In this throw away society it is a bonus for customers and businesses to be able to recycle containers and being seen as a eco-friendly business has it’s advantages.

But why did I start using soy?  Simply put – soy candles are easy to make and the way we teach makes the process so simple anyone can make them. To book a class, have a look at our website.

In regards to glassware, candle containers come in simple, classic  glassware to the more exotic metallic, marble or concrete containers such as those supplied by Beauvue and J-style.

Both are wholesalers, so you need a business to register as a buyer but there are plenty of opportunities to purchase containers that are suitable for your candles. Try supply and demand in Smith St, Collingwood.


beauvue1                       candle tin 5

For small business it is important to keep up with trends both within and outside  your industry. When you start sourcing you’ll notice that many of the suppliers have similar glassware, so going outside the industry may provide some gems so search the interior design industry, home accessory industry  or even the fashion industry.

These are just a few examples, so be adventurous with what you use. Your business and your candles will stand out.


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