Winter – The Perfect Time To Start Your Candle Making

With the approach of winter and the cooler weather comes the perfect opportunity  to try candle making. For those who are interested in candle making but can’t make it to one of our classes, we have now launched our online candle class.

With this course, you will receive not only our 40 page  workbook and our large candle making kit, so you can start practicing your candle making skills but also ongoing help by phone or email. 

The workbook is a result of my many years of teaching, so it not only has instructions, but also problem solving, templates, decorating ideas, suppliers etc and written so it is easy to understand and follow.

For anyone in Melbourne or surrounding areas we have hands-on classes in Albert Park at Gasworks Arts Park    and  at our home base in South Gisborne. Dates for both venues can be found on our book a class- vouchers page on our website

Although the process of making a candle is quite simple, it can just as easily go wrong. It can be caused by overheating your wax or  by the addition of too much fragrance or colour.We teach you the process and make it as simple as possible, so why not join us.

In the end, we want a candle that will burn cleanly, for the expected time frame, has good fragrance throw and not cost us a fortune. It is achievable.

See you soon.

Come join us for one of our classes and learn


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