Setting Up Your Candle Making Workspace

One of the first questions I get from people interested in candle making  is “What do I need to start?”

Whether you intend to make your candles for fun or for profit it is still important to have a workspace that is well set-up, well light, ventilated and comfortable to work in. Your candles will also appreciate being made in conditions that are not too hot or too cold.

Below are my recommendations for setting up your work space and the equipment you will need.

Work space

  • work bench  (comfortable height)
  • microwave ( to clean jugs if necessary)
  • shelving ( to store all your equipment)
  • storage ( to store your wax, colours, fragrances as well as all the other bits and pieces)
  • Wash Up Facilities ( important when you have wax to clean up)
  • Access to power ( for your wax melters)

House keeping

  • Do not pour wax down the drain. If you pour it down the drain then you will eventually clog your drain and then you will need to hire a plumber – a very expensive mistake. Have a bucket on hand for waste wax and water. Remember soy wax is biodegradable, so waste water can be safely poured into the garden when it cools
  • It’s a good idea to spread either aluminium foil  or wax paper over your work area. This allows you to easily peel off any spilled wax.
  • If you are using your kitchen bench, lay a towel to avoid your jars getting cold.


Making candles does not have to be expensive but there are specific pieces of equipment that you need to get started.


  • Rice cooker or Double Boiler. If you prefer a wax melter you can pay at least $1200
  • Pots for pouring and mixing – plastic preferred, glass jugs are ok but they can become slippery with wax. I would rather drop a plastic jug filled with wax rather than a glass jug.
  • Infra red thermometer – available from Ebay or any of the candle supply companies
  • Pipettes for measuring
  • Disposable gloves
  • Power boards and extension cords
  • Fire Blanket
  • Fire Extinguisher
  • Table covers
  • Digital scales
  • Silicone moulds for melts or clamshell packs
  • Stirring spoons, avoid wooden as they absorb the colour and fragrance Plastic is better
  • Cloths for handling pots
  • Gloves
  • Templates for wick centering
  • Wick sizing templates
  • Wick trimmers/scissors/nail trimmers
  • Paper towels / cloths
  • Trivets for hot pots
  • Metal scoops for wax
  • Pliers for crimping sustainers
  • Bucket for waste

Candle making

  • jars,
  • tea light cups – poly carbonate, aluminium or glass
  • wax – see wax descriptions
  • wicks ( primed wicks) see footnote
  • wick stickers
  • colour chips or liquid concentrate,
  • fragrances,
  • safety stickers
  • sustainers
  • Containers can include – Jars, teacups marble, copper , metallic , ceramic etc.teacup3

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